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We believe that in today’s economic climate a successful partnership allows you to recognise your own weaknesses, and draw on a partner’s strengths, without being uncomfortable about that vulnerability.  Partnerships promote common sense, a common purpose, and strong ethics. Think about how many of the world’s most successful people have partners.

We are happy to talk to anyone about a partnership that benefits all and here are some of the people that we are working with.  In no particular order here are some of our partners and friends

  • 5 PL

    We have known Jeff for several years.  His expertise in logistics is well respected within the industry but more than that he is a businessman that can see the bigger picture.

    Invaluable when it comes to our business ideas as he is a great sounding board , and you always get an “honest” answer.


    5PL is the next generation in logistics services, combining innovation in supply chain design with the added value of a front end sales & marketing capability – opening up opportunities and then using creative smart logistics to get  consignments  to their destination very cost effectively.  We refer you to 5PL

  • 5PL

  • Julian Reiman

    I have known Julian for several years he is a natural communicator which is why he is such a great trainer and always in demand across the UK and internationally.

    In short sit in a room where is is delivering training and it will be an experience that “you will tell others about”.

  • julian

  • Green My Business

    We hit it off with Stuart from the first moment we met.  “He got what we did and we got what he did”.  The great thing about Stuart is that in a world of talkers he is a doer!  If he says it will happen chances are it will.

    So much so that we just produced a COSHH training course featuring the man himself.


    GreenMyBusiness is your access to quality cleaning, maintenance, energy, catering and consumable products for business and home. We aim to help you source items which are gentler on your budget as well as the environment, wherever possible and perhaps even show you some new ideas.  We refer you to Green My Business

  • stuart 1

  • Crabstock

    Adrian is the guy behind Crabstock.  He was one of Scan and Go’s first customers.  We nailed a code onto the side of his van linked to a video showing what life was like on a crabber!

    Since then he has continued his mission to make the great British public and chefs more aware of shellfish.  The Crabstock brand is now really starting to motor and we would recommend a visit if you are in the area.  Coming soon training courses on shellfish!

    The inaugural Crabstock was held last April in Great Rissington, in the Cotswolds, to great acclaim, and visitors to the second edition of this unique event are promised a memorable weekend of top food and music as well as on-hand expert advice about cooking and eating Great British shellfish.  We refer you to Crabstock.

    Having put this page together it has become very clear that we are blessed to know so many positive, can do people.  Thanks guys and gals.  This list continues to grow if you would like to be part of it contact us

  • Crabstock


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