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Whether be it in-person leadership programs, technical training, on boarding or just in time learning, we are expecting weeks if not months of disruption in most parts of the world.

When businesses return to “normal,” things may not just snap back to the old ways. After months of social engagement and technological immersion, workplace learners and business leaders will have a higher expectation with regard to how they want to engage and learn.

Will classroom training still even be a viable option and if not are trainers with years of experience and communication skills able to transfer to an online or mobile offering?  

The two are very different environments however with a little practice and technical knowledge there is an opportunity to deliver excellent learning in a digital environment. 

The past few weeks’ events underscore the need for business and society to be resilient and prepared for times of uncertainty. The crises could be an opportunity and an impetus for change, toward much needed innovation. To build resilience for a future-proof learning and development sector, and to form new and improved learning habits in a business or organisation.

The learning industry is being disrupted like never before.

As we navigate through the complexity and uncertainty, it is also an opportunity to re imagine ideal forms of workplace learning.

Some businesses are well ahead of this curve and it makes not only financial sense but also improves the customer experience.  

Take E Spares for example.  For years they have been adding video to their product catalogue.  Not only will they sell you what you need they will show you how to fit it.  Thinking of buying a lawnmower blade then does it make sense to see how to fit it?


a few of our projects

Why go to the class room?

The class can come to you.

We have produced videos for the NHS and other healthcare organisations.  This is a great example of our belief in action. 

“Why does learning have to expand to fit the time allotted to it?”

Watch the video to see the outcome of one of our projects for the NHS.

Sometimes its the common sense solution

The need for security and safety when it comes to the railways is paramount however classroom learning is costly and not always practical.   A certified mobile learning course is cost effective and with the addition of refresher courses and updates for the following year adds value to the original investment.

Above all it can be a lot of fun.

These are the outtakes of a days filming for the industry recognised WorlHost Customer Service Course we produced.

It’s not as scary as you might think!


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Trainers and business that can make the transition to digital learning will not only be effective in crises but also in the good times.

If you are a business or a freelance trainer now is the time to plan your future. 

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