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Why Coffee Cup Training?

One client asked us if we could attach a training course to a cup of coffee so staff could learn at a time and a place that suited them and not have to take time off work to attend training.  So we did!

The story of Coffee Cup Training was born in the summer of 2012.

After a business breakfast meeting, John Reynolds and a friend began talking over a coffee about why training had to be delivered in the way it was.

Why did it have to be so mundane , why did it have to take so long? How much do people actually learn in these training sessions and more importantly, how much do they forget?!

With Johns extensive experience in video production, IT skills and running his own unique business Scan and Go, plus  experience in running a successful training business, it seemed a no brainer to team up and launch a brand new form of training delivery.

Using today’s ultimate technology, our mission is to transform the way we learn, bringing training to life, make it exciting by injecting fun and interesting bite size facts, and making sure everyone goes away saying “I didn’t know that” and “I learnt something today”

Don’t get us wrong there is still a place for traditional standup delivery, in fact we offer that as well, with some of the best trainers on the planet.  However would it make sense to put training in your pocket?

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