Acting opportunity

We are looking to build a team of actors to star in a series of training videos we are producing for a number of different national clients.

What we do

We produce training videos that are then distributed to our clients PC’s tablets and mobile phones. It’s called mobile learning. Take a look here.

We are looking to create a team of people we can call on as and when required.

Men and women of all ages and walks of life. You might be retired or still in education, looking to work in the media or on the stage or just looking for a challenge. If you are intelligent articulate and have a good personality you might want to consider this opportunity.  We are media professionals with years of experience in broadcast and online media and happy to share that experience and help you acheive this.

We are looking for people to role play and or present training courses we are producing for a number of national clients. These will be customer service, health and public sector organisations.

It could be that you are already involved in amateur dramatics or just have a passion for acting. Green screen

Most of our courses will be filmed in our green screen studio in Torbay and you will be required to read a script from an autocue. Occasionally we might need to record on location.

Some role play scenes might involve a group working together. For these parts you should be able to learn your lines in advance. These scenes will be short, probably less than one minute.

We pay by the hour and if working on location cover all reasonable expenses.

Chances are this won’t make you famous or rich but will be fun and give you the opportunity to learn a new skill.  You can also use the videos as part of your portfolio or CV.

If you are interested take a look around the website to get an idea of what we do.  If you would like to be involved drop us an email to If you would like to include a head a shoulders shot, links to video work you have done or any relevant material please do so. We will reply to everyone that takes the trouble to contacts us.

About the Author


John is a Sony Award winning journalist, presenter and producer. He has worked in traditional broadcast environments both in radio and TV. He has been involved in the internet since God was a boy or girl, depending on your point of view, and can remember when we all got excited about the fact that Netscape could blink text! He is a qualified teacher and lecturers in digital media. He has trained journalists in the BBC in media production and editing. He has worked in PR and marketing with most of the major brands. Built and won awards for on-line communication solutions. He is also a qualified Seventeenth Edition Electrical Engineer. It’s a long story... This year he became a qualified WorldHost Trainer. Now he is the MD of Coffee Cup Training. “I would like to think with my experience and ability in communication I can bring something new and exciting to the training environment”. Please feel free to comment on anything and if you have something to offer others we would like to hear from you.

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