There is a whole generation out there that have a mobile phone in their hand and are comfortable in using it.  Ask yourself how many of those people would know how to use your product?  Yes you can put instructions on the packaging.  You can even offer a manual.  We give you the opportunity to actually show them how to get the best from your product and deliver it to that palm of their hand.

Want to see how it works for food producers?



If that does not set your company apart from the rest pretty much nothing will!

What is m learning?

Your customers will have the opportunity to scan the How2QRcode attached to your product giving them full information about the item they have brought.

Cut the cost of printing expensive paper manuals. QR codes attached to your products will never get lost or go out of date!

You can advertise other relevant products via the QR code to increase the number of returning customers and encourage additional sales.

Don’t think these are just your run of the mill everyday QR codes.  We work with one of the pioneers and market leaders in QR Code technology  We control what each QR code links to.  The information is presented in a mobile website with all your branding and contact details in the palm of their hand.

Plus should the procedure for using the item change we can update the information in hours not months.  Imagine how much value that adds to a product and profit in repeat business for you!

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