There are no apps to download and you can take this course right now on your desktop PC tablet and 99% of mobile phones.  Once registered your fire awareness course will be available for 12 months. The fire awareness course is all in video and presented in a TV style.Normal Price £24:99 Partner Discount Price: £19:99

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People that have experienced fire in the workplace and at home explain how it affected their personal life and business. Retained and ex fire fighters give advice and demonstrations. This is a video course so watch and learn the easy way. Course duration about 25 minutes

  • The course is available to staff 24 / 7 on a PC Tablet or mobile phone.
  • The course is comprised of three modules each containing three units.
  • You can leave the course at anytime and return when convenient.
  • Assessment takes place after each unit
  • Upon success full completion your certificate will be avaiable for instant download
  • Special bonus. Over the next twelve months you will receive three fire awareness refresher courses absolutely FREE.
The course covers:

    • The triangle of fire
    • Common causes of fire
    • How to raise the alarm
    • Evacuation procedures and assembly points
    • Calling the emergency services
    • Safety features within buildings
    • Choosing the right extinguisher
    • When not to use an extinguisher

And more…

Normal Price £24:99     Partner Discount Price: £19:99 (no waiting instant access) 

Pay with Paypal or credit card



The course is not intended to replace the fire safety training delivered by a competent person.

If for some reason you cannot watch online video this course is not for you

If you are charged for data transfer this will use some of your allocation. So use a Wifi link or Wifi hotspot. Most coffee shops allow this so enjoy a coffee at the same time.

Any problems contact Coffee Cup Training Support Team

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