Can I trust you?

I have a friend that works for a law firm who asked us to produce a promotional video for him.

So I showed him how to do it himself instead and that was what gave us the idea of


  • Selling a service needs a completely different approach compared to selling a product.   Selling a service is all about trust.

    Take legal or accountancy as an example

    People are not buying a product it’s a service and that requires one thing above all others.


  • It’s a worry

    1. How does a potential client know you can solve their problem?
    2. How does a potential client know you will work well together?
    3. How can a potential client trust you?

Everything starts with that simple question and how you answer it depends on whether or not they pick up the phone.

  • I think it’s safe to assume the following for anyone that requires help from a professional service


    1. They will ask friends and family for a recommendation
    2. They will do a search online
    3. They will make the decision to pick up the phone based on a visit to a firm’s website

  • The problem is that if all the websites they visit tend to look and say the same thing.

    Making that final decision will be more luck than judgement.

    The three most clicked links on a professional services website are:

    • The contact page
    • The people page
    • The recruitment page

Take a look at most of the people pages and you will see the same thing.

A head and shoulders shot and some text about what services are offered.

That hardly builds trust and reassures anyone.

  • So what’s the solution?

  • If you think like a client it’s very clear.

    The answer is a video profile. 

    Video is the tool to connect with prospective clients because it’s easily digested and it gives clients a sense of who you are before they have to pick up the phone.

    A video doesn’t have to be a complicated production, but don’t even think about using video unless you’re willing to invest time, thought and a little bit of money.

Think about this.

Chances are the phone in your pocket is also a high definition camera.  This means that if you knew how you could make your own video…

That is why we are about to launch PARTNERS IN VIDEO

About the Author


John is a Sony Award winning journalist, presenter and producer. He has worked in traditional broadcast environments both in radio and TV. He has been involved in the internet since God was a boy or girl, depending on your point of view, and can remember when we all got excited about the fact that Netscape could blink text! He is a qualified teacher and lecturers in digital media. He has trained journalists in the BBC in media production and editing. He has worked in PR and marketing with most of the major brands. Built and won awards for on-line communication solutions. He is also a qualified Seventeenth Edition Electrical Engineer. It’s a long story... This year he became a qualified WorldHost Trainer. Now he is the MD of Coffee Cup Training. “I would like to think with my experience and ability in communication I can bring something new and exciting to the training environment”. Please feel free to comment on anything and if you have something to offer others we would like to hear from you.

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