Clean Air Deliveries gets our support

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Congestion and pollution in our towns and cities is at an all time high and looks set to get worse yet there is a simple solution already being ignored by government.

Educate or advertise where should you spend your money?

As the saying goes no one likes to be sold to, yet the only way for social media and traditional media to make money is advertising.  Does that not strike you as a little odd? Ask most people to explain the difference between marketing and advertising and you will get many different responses.  The other […]

QR Codes return in 2019

Suddenly QR codes are in fashion First I must apologise as this is a little self indulgent Can you believe it in 2011, that’s nine years ago,  I registered a domain called  I spent a lot of time designing and building a tool that did the following Created individual QR codes for business […]

Proof adding video to your charities funding bid works

Proof adding video to your charities funding bid works Let’s be honest winning funding for any charity is getting harder.  What you need is to set yourself apart from the rest.  Stand out in a crowd if you will.  Above is a clip from the video which can be found in our free course. Video […]