Sometimes is the obvious that simple solutions that get overlooked take Clean Air Deliveries for example.  Congestion and pollution in our towns and cities is at an all time high and looks set to get worse.

Covid19 has given rise to a surge in online shopping which means more diesel vans creating more pollution and congestion yet passenger trains are travelling the length and breath of the country with less than thirty percent capacity. 

This begs the question why are we paying to move fresh air?

InterCity Railfreight, supporters of Clean Air Deliveries has been using unused space on passenger trains for over ten years to transport urgent medical deliveries faster and in a more environmentally friendly way than road transport ever could, while reducing congestion in towns and cities.  Simple idea that just works.

For that very simple reason we have also chosen to support the idea and I would suggest that you do the same,  why not take sixty seconds and help make a difference today.

The more of us that vote who knows Secretary of State for Transport The Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP might actually notice what is happening right under his nose.

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