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Once registered your Basic COSHH Training for Cleaning Operatives Course will be available for 12 months. The Basic COSHH Training for Cleaning Operatives Course is all in video and presented in a TV style.

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If you are self employed and you take hazardous substances to other peoples premises, all parts of COSHH regulations apply except those about monitoring and health surveillance.

You should provide information, training and instruction for employees who work with substances hazardous to health. This includes cleaning and maintenance staff.

Employees need to understand the outcome of your risk assessment and what this means for them.

This may:

  • result in lost productivity to your business;
  • leave you liable to enforcement action, including prosecution under the COSHH Regulations;
  • result in civil claims from your employees.

There can be positive benefits to your business from carefully following through the requirements of COSHH:

  • improved productivity as a result of using more effective controls (eg less use of raw material);
  • improved employee morale;
  • better employee understanding and compliance with health and safety requirements.

The  average fine for Health & Safety prosecutions is over £30,000

Maybe it won’t happen to you…

This is a video course so watch and learn the easy way. Course duration about 15 minutes

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The course covers:

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If for some reason you cannot watch video online, on your phone or on a tablet this course is not for you.  This course is avaiable in English.

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