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Why do you need to take a course?

Unlike most courier work this involves the rail industry that has to conform to regulations that are laid down in law.

Safety is paramount when working on railway stations and loading or unloading trains, hence these courses.

Courses are in video and text and each lesson comes with knowledge checks.  In order to be an ICRF courier you must answer all questions correctly.

Upon successful completion of the course you will be able to download your certificate that demonstrates you have successfully completed the course.

Cross Country HST Loading

This course is for couriers that are loading or unloading Cross Country trains.

Waverley Station Course

This course will give you information on the layout and safety requirements at Waverly station.

 COVID-19: Network Rail and train operators are following government guidance on preventing the spread of this disease. Couriers must therefore follow whatever guidance is in force – hand sanitisation, face coverings etc. whilst on stations and trains