Few things in life are certain. Death taxes and at some point a Fire Safety Inspection.
You will be asked. “Have all your staff received Basic Fire Awareness Training”?
This is your simple solution which means you can say YES!.

Basic Fire Awareness Course Cost

You will find basic fire awareness courses online that range in price between twenty pounds and forty five pounds,  check with Google.

Latest Court Cases
The former owner and retired director of a Clapham health spa has been  handed a four month suspended prison sentence and ordered to pay £30,000 court costs for breaking fire safety laws.  Read More
Landlords Jailed for Fire Safety breaches.  Both were sentenced to six months in prison and ordered to pay costs of £5,000 each after a fire at a house which was converted into bedsits.  Read more

Whatever size your business, it is mandatory to make sure that all staff are given adequate fire safety training at the time that they are first employed, and subsequently should they be exposed to any new risks.
Free Fire Risk Assessment Checklist (word document) this is not a legal document it is for information only.
If you are in doubt about any of this please seek professional advice or contact us using the feedback tab on the right of this page.

Our course sells on our main site for £19:99.

For a limited period we are offering selected employers a 50% discount, you are one of them.

In effect that means if you have ten staff five get the course for free! Only £9:99 per student!

Why this makes sense for your business.

No staff downtime

Staff do not need to take time off work, our training comes to them and is available 24 / 7

People like our courses

Our courses are not death by power point.  Unlike other courses we produce all our own content in house, in bite sized chunks and in video.  This course takes about twenty five to thirty five minutes and makes learning far more enjoyable.

Instant student gratification

Certificates are available instantly on successful course completion.

Embedded learning

Good training needs a follow through.  Research shows this improves learning take-up from 15-30% to over 80%.

Our sticky learning solution delivers three refresher courses for twelve months to all students who successfully completed the course for free.  So the learning is embedded.

Ok I get it now what?

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Welcome to your fifteen minute solution
Everything you need is right here.

1 Tell your staff the course is avaiable

2 Staff register for the course either:

Online, on a PC, mobile phone or a tablet. The course is available 24 /7.
Upon successful completion they will receive their certificate immediately.
Over the next twelve months they will automatically receive three refresher courses for FREE.

Simple as that.

After much research and feedback from clients we suggest that you allow staff to pay for their own training (with your discount that’s only £9:99 per member of staff).

Staff put more value on the training and are more inclined to do it if they have paid for it themselves. If you wish to re re-emburse them later that is your decision.

Now take a look at “Tell the staff” below

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Print out some copies of this poster and place them around the workplace
Copy and paste this suggested content into an email and send it to staff that require training.
Email Subject: Fire Safety Training
Email Body:
In order to comply with UK fire safety regulations it is important that all staff receive certified training. To make this simpler you can now take your basic fire awareness course online on your favourite tablet or even in your mobile phone.
This can be done at a time and place that suits you and will take about twenty five minutes. It is not necessary to complete the course in one go but it should be completed by ( a date of your choosing can go here )

Upon successful completion of the course your certificate will be avaiable for dowmload in a .pdf format. Over the next twelve months you will also receive three short refresher courses so please make certain you subscribe when asked to do so.

The certificate will be filled out with the information you provide in the next step so please make certain it is accurate.
Your first name and last name. An email address you check frequently and the name of our business. ( insert your business name here )
I spoke to the training company and am pleased to tell you I negotiated a 50% for us. So the course is a very reasonable £9:99 ( bring me the receipt and I will reimburse you )

This is the link to the Basic Fire Awareness Course


You can take the course right now.
That’s it!
Don’t forget to download this risk assessment document and take a look at the links below.
GOV.UK Fire Safety in the workplace
Health and Safety Executive Fire Safety Information
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There is no step three. It’s as simple as that!

Questions and Answers

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British Safety Council Member

We are Coffee Cup Training a member of the British Safety Council.

We help businesses comply with their training responsibilities so they comply with UK Law.

We also make training courses and demonstration videos for manufacturers.  Online and mobile training is the only sensible solution for business in this economic climate.
That’s what we do.


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[expand title=”Q Tell me about your Basic Fire Awareness Course” rel=”fiction”]
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The course is all in video and presented in a TV style.  People that have experienced fire in the workplace and at home explain how it affected their personal life and business.Retained and ex fire fighters give advice and demonstrations.

  • Instant access course – in a few hours your staff can all be trained and certificated.
  • The course is available to staff 24 / 7 on a PC Tablet or mobile phone.
  • The course is comprised of three modules each containing three units.
  • They can leave the course at anytime and return when convenient.
  • Students are assessed after each unit
  • Upon success full completion students can download their certificate.


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  • The triangle of fire
  • Common causes of fire
  • How to raise the alarm
  • Evacuation procedures and assembly points
  • Calling the emergency services
  • Safety features within buildings
  • Choosing the right extinguisher
  • When not to use an extinguisher
  • And more

The learning is embedded over the following twelve months for FREE with regular reminders of what was learnt and how it can be implemented in the workplace.

This demonstrates your company’s full commitment to the training of your staff.


[expandsub2 title=”How to take the course” rel=”submenu-highlander”]

We provide posters that can be placed around your place of work.

  • Each poster has a Scan and Go code and a short code.
  • Staff simply scan the code with their mobile device or enter the short code into their mobile or tablet and have instant access 24 / 7.
  • Our courses also work on all desktop computers.


  • If you have Apple TV you can now watch our courses in your lounge!
  • We also provide you with a link direct to the course you can send to your staff.
  • Unlike a disc, that might become scratched, warped, or lost, your staff never lose access to the course.


[expand title=”Q Can I see the course?“]

Yes. You can see the first module right now.It contains three units and demonstrates the evaluation process by means of learning points at the end of each unit.Try it now CCT demo web Mobile training


[expand title=”Q What types of businesses have to comply with fire safety regulations?”]In short yours.

The legislation covers just about every kind of business for example:

It’s a much longer list

You can find out more at GOV.UK


[expand title=”Q What will happen if I don’t comply?”]


You could get fined and or go to prison if you don’t follow fire safety regulations.


[expand title=”Q Who is responsible when it comes to fire safety at work”]

In England and Wales, if you’re an employer, owner, landlord or occupier of business or other non-domestic premises,  you’re responsible for fire safety and are known as the ‘responsible person’.

In accordance with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, all employees, whether full time or part time, must have fire awareness training. In the order, it states that ideally this training should take place on the day that employee commences employment.

Q What do I have to do?

You must keep a written record of your fire risk assessment if your business has 5 or more people.

Carrying out the assessment

    1. Identify the fire hazards.
    2. Identify people at risk.
    3. Evaluate, remove or reduce the risks.
    4. Record your findings prepare an emergency plan and provide training.
    5. Review and update the fire risk assessment regularly.

You can download a fire risk assessment from here 
If you are not comfortable with doing this search online for “Fire Risk Assessors” or contact us and we will recommend one to you. Prices start at around £250:00.


[expand title=”Q  How often should fire safety training be provided?”]

Fire safety training should be continuous, commencing with induction training on the first day of appointment of new staff and continuing in the form of regular refresher training.

Fortunately we provide all your training requirements including FREE refresher courses.


“We are about service not sales as our customers will tell you.

Nothing is too much trouble so if you have any questions at all please ask.”

We look forward to fulfilling your training requirements and to a long and prosperous business relationship.