extinguisher label

Every fire extinguisher you sell can now teach people

Basic Fire Awareness!



We first used our Scan and Go solution about six years ago when we attached a code to a litre of crab soup in Selfridges.  This allowed the customer to meet the producer and find out more about the product.

The image on the right is the very first label we used.  It still works!  Scan it with your phone or click this linkBefore you do what day of the week is this?

Since then we have used our Scan and Go solution in Tesco, Waitrose and other major retail outlets with great success.  You can also find our solution in tourism retail and aviation.

Over the years we have expanded what we offer into product promotion, product demonstrations and now deliver training in the same way.

The smart label idea is logical progression of the above that we know works.

We have just produced a basic fire awareness course, more are in production.  This time we are actively looking for a few selected partners to work with.  We have done the market research and field tested the course and delivery on PC’s, mobile phones and tablets.  It works like a dream.

Short list of benefits we envisage for partners

These links might answer some of your initial questions

Why this idea just works.    Why students never forget what they learnt.   Make your products clickable

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John Reynolds Managing Director Coffee Cup Training

“We are about service not sales as our customers will tell you.

Nothing is too much trouble so if you have any questions at all please ask.”

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