Why do food producers ignore their customers?

Seems like most are and missing a great opportunity at the same time.

  • If you are a consumer hands up if you have met the food producers whose food you consume.
  • How much do you know about how and where what you are about to put into your body actually came from?

Last week I was with a group of foodies or consumers if you prefer.  We showed them a simple trick with a QR code, you can see it here.   food nigel

The response was very interesting.

The group was both male and female and the conversation started with “Is anyone watching the great British menu?”  Seems a lot do.  This led onto a conversation about provenance. If you watch any of the cooking programmes on TV these days all the celeb chefs say the same thing.  Start with the best ingredients fish, meat, vegetables etc.  This seems to have rubbed off on all of us.

What was interesting about the QR code experiment was that everyone knew what a QR code was and how to use it. 

What they also loved was the opportunity to meet the producer of the product by scanning the packaging and learn more about him and the product via a different video each day of the week. So what’s so earth shattering about this I hear you cry?

This is and it’s the question I leave with you to try and answer.

  • Clearly consumers want to know more about the product and engage with the producer.
  • Consumers get the technology and enjoy using it.
  • Ask any food producer why they do what they do and they will tell you they are passionate about it.
  • So why aren’t more food producers engaging with an audience that wants to meet them?

Interesting question?  Do you have an answer?

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