Free Digital Code for Charities course launched

We have produced a free course for small charities so they can operate in a big digital world. The Charity Digital Code is a must read for all charities....

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The digital code for charities is there to help charities make the most of the digital world they now find themselves in.  However good as the code is it tends to focus on strategy which is fine if you are a well funded charity with the resources.

A short while ago I found some time to volunteer at a few charities non of which had the budget or skill sets to make any significant inroads into implementing the code. 

Eventually I ended up at the Acorn Centre Community Charity and after a few sensible conversations and discovering that while strategy was important we might be better of with just the basics.  So here is a course that I made earlier.

It really is all about the basics and how little you actually need to spend to get going.  I based the course on questions I was always asked by small charities and added my own personal opinions, take it or leave it.

Interestingly everyone that has taken the course have all said the same thing.

It really made me think about what were doing and how we could do it better and spend our time more productively.

It’s an online course all in video and it’s free.  If you take the course and enjoy it please feel free to spread the word.