Getting to know HubMail

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  • Do You Know the True Cost of Providing Training?

    • How much time must staff spend away from the workplace
    • The cost of covering for employees receiving training (overtime rates temporary staff)
    • Additional pressure on other staff when workforce depleted (absence levels)
    • What is the actual cost of sending employees on external classroom based courses?
    • What are the additional costs?
    • Perception of the training (is it seen as a ‘jolly’ or treated seriously?).
    • Effectiveness of classroom based training?

    Outcomes from our work in the NHS 

    • Improved engagement with staff learning
    • Improvements in staff compliance
    • Embedded learning leading to continuous improvement in patient care
    • New staff induction courses save time and money
  • So what are the benefits of video and mobile learning?

    • Learners can go at their own pace, not at the pace of the slowest member of the group
    • There is no travel time to and from the training event
    • No subsistence costs
    • Training can be completed at times to suit the employer or employee
    • Reduction in downtime during prime fee earning hours
    • Increased knowledge retention

See for yourself…

Please contact us for a demonstration of our LMS and the courses we produced.

  • We believe the following about L&D

    • Learning and development is an investment for any business.
    • That investment should reflect in the bottom line.

    How we do it

    • Mobile learning ( bite sized chunks of learning in video delivered to any desktop or mobile device )
    • Learning management system ( we looked at the rest and then built our own that is simple to use with a full audit trail )
    • Embedded learning ( reinforcing the original learning investment )
    • Just in time learning ( learning that can be attached to real world items )
  • What we can do for you

    We provide L&D to the public and private sector

    Specialist areas include but are not limited to:

    • Customer service ( we are a WorldHost accredited learning provider )
    • The NHS ( compliance and patient services )
    • In house systems learning ( we are currently working on the HubMail training )
  • L&D in general practise and the health sector

    Exact training requirements will depend on the role and specific responsibilities of practises and the needs of people using the service.

    Experience has shown us that working in partnerships can prove the most cost effective and productive solution.

    We currently offer a free thirty minute consultation where we can discuss your requirements and provide help and suggestions