Its a boiler and it’s cold outside

Just in Time Training

Business has been evolving into this for years and it’s how most large organisations now seem to work using this principal so why not training.  MainPartsofRecoveryBoiler

Imagine that you are a plumber, and it’s one of the days that you work on, no offence to plumbers you understand. It’s the middle of winter and you get a call out to a faulty boiler. It’s one that you are not familiar with and you take the cover off to see kit you have never seen before. The customer no longer has the manual so what are you going to do?

Pray for divine intervention?

  • Phone a friend?
  • Or whip out your smart phone and got some training there and then?

Using our JITT service you can just scan the boiler with your phone and get a training video delivered to the palm of your hand. We can even make the training specific to items within the boiler, motherboard, temperature sensors, whatever the item is. How cool is that?
Not only that but if a specific part changes in its fitting or use we can update the training in hours. No more manuals to print and forests to level. No more wasting time or pulling your hair out trying to learn on the job.
Coffee Cup JITT just makes sense. If you manufacture anything that requires the end user to repair it at some point chances are we can help. For more information contact us today…

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