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M Learning Zone launched

Coffee Cup Training is pleased to announce the launch of the M Learning Zone.

Who is it for?M Learning Zone

Training companies and trainers that want to break into E and M learning in a simple affordable way.  To celebrate the launch of the M Leaning Zone prices are starting from only twenty five GBP per month.  If you are interested contact us for further details today.

Why would I want to do this?

If you are a traditional training company that only provides stand up delivery we believe that over the next twelve months your current customers are going to be looking for a more cost effective solution.   Will you be able to provide it?  If you have training courses that you own now is time to take them on line and offer them to your clients.  2014 is going to be tough this is your chance to make a real difference to your company fortunes.  Questions?

What kind of content can I use?

Text, images, audio, graphics, video etc.  The M Learning Zone can be as simple as copy and paste or as complex as you like with social media and the ability for students to upload their own content.

mLearning2What about knowledge checks?

The M learning Zone is a full LMS ( learning management solution ) where each learning module can be independently knowledge checked.  Rather than explain try it for yourself right now.  Unlike other LMS solutions you can also interact directly with each student.  Certificates are downloadable on course completion.

Can you help me fine tune my training courses for the M Learning Zone?


Can I change the content when I need to?


How many courses can I run?

Depends on your package but potentially as many as you like?

Is the M Learning Zone white label?

Yes.  You can customise it with your own logos

Why would my clients be interested?

Cost saving.  Time saving.  Available 24 / 7 anywhere.  It’s a long list. Ask your clients if embedding learning is important to them.  Their answer will be YES.  Then ask them how they achieve it.  It will go very quite as they the chances are they currently don’t.

Here is your opportunity to tell them you have the Holy Grail.  The M Learning Zone can follow up with each student as many times as you need.  Content will automatically be delivered to them embedding the learning and adding to what was originally learnt.  This is a game changer and will set you apart from the rest.  Take a look.

What now?

Contact us for a coffee and a chat to start with.  Test drive the M Learning Zone



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