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Monarch Airlines embed WorldHost course

  • Any learning and development professional worth their salt will tell you the same thing.  It’s not what happens in the classroom or on the training day that’s important.  It’s what happens after.

    Making training stick has long been the holy grail.  Studies have shown that embedding what was learnt in the classroom can improve learning outcomes by up to 80%.  However after the initial training investment the majority of business are reluctant to invest more in time and money in achieving this improvement.

  • You do the math

    It really is quite frightening because the math is so simple.  Invest £100 in training and get £20 worth in return.  It’s like spending £100 in the supermarket and leaving with £20 worth of shopping. Would you?   

  • After the recession

    We all know one of the first things to feel the cuts when times are tough is the training budget.  However recessions do not last for ever and we are now seeing more investment in training.

    We all know one of the first things to feel the cuts when times are tough is the training budget.  However recessions do not last for ever and we are now seeing more investment in training.

    The reason is simple as the economy recovers it will be the customer focused companies that will benefit.  Recessionary times meant that most businesses had to compete on price.  Now that’s changed.

  • How much?

    It’s a simple fact that no business can compete on price forever.  Take the discount retailers like Lidl.  No longer do these adverts focus on price they focus on quality.  It’s only a matter of time before the rest follow.

  • Customer focussed

    This is where the smart money is now.  Exceptional customer service.

    Customer facing businesses are now investing more in training their staff to offer an outstanding level of  service and are embedding that learning.  A good example is Monarch Airlines.

  • WorldHost

    The WorldHost Principals of Customer Service course is accepted as the industry standard.  Recently Monarch Airlines became the world’s first airline to be awarded ‘WorldHost Recognised Business’ status.  In all, 1,690 of Monarch Airlines staff, including cabin crew, pilots, engineers and office staff have undertaken the intensive WorldHost customer service training programme and that learning is being embedded.

  • Embedded learning what changed?

    In a word technology.  Why send people for training when you can send the training to all staff no matter where in the world they might be?

    Working with People1st we have produced the world’s first Principals of Customer Service embedded learning course that is now being rolled out to all Monarch Airline staff.

  • Content and style.

    Presented by a WorldHost trainer and a team of actors we took the WorldHost course and turned into bite sized chunks of learning that are delivered to staff no matter in the world they are monthly and in video.

    Smart phones and tablets now mean that you can have a TV in your pocket and TV is one of the most powerful learning tools on the planet.  Just look at the rise of gardening and cookery programmes.  people like to learn new things and the preferred medium of choice is TV.

Bottom Line

Embedded learning is now affordable, can improve learning out comes by up to 80% and set to be the way forward for any customer focused business.  Try the demo here (no sign up required)

The WorldHost Principals of customer service course can be tailored to any industry and is now available.  For more details contact us.

Contact us if you are

We have a very attractive reseller programme.  In short add our embedded learning course to your offer and we pay you up to 50% per student that signs up.  In a competitive market it will be who adds value that wins, that could be you.  Now really is the moment to make your training stick!

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