We are back with a new website.  So why the new website and what changed?

Put simply I was going to stop working online then I ended up helping out at The Acorn Community Centre.  Until then I had been doing a small amount of charity work which taught me a lot about how the charity sector functions in the UK and how frustrating the whole process really is.

Then the Digital Code of Practise arrived which is a great idea but a little light on the practical help,  its more about strategy.  This I am certain is fine for large charities with ample funding but not so great for small charities.  It really deals with strategy rather than the application.

When I mentioned this to the smaller charities I was helping they looked vacant.  “What’s the Digital Code when it’s at home”?  

So I thought I would see if I could help out at a grass roots level, hence a FREE, yes as in no money, course that answers most of the questions small charities were asking me.  It’s not about strategy it’s about the basics of getting into digital at an affordable price.

It’s live now so if you are a small charity feel free to jump right in and feel free to recommend it to others,  if you like it that is.  If you don’t keep it to yourself.

We are still offer all our other services in case you are interested.