One solution to the current Europe food scare

So whats really in there?  We thought we knew now we know we don’t as the current food scare sweeps the nation and Europe.  I am not saying that it’s the total solution but nearly five years ago our partner Scan and Go attached Scan and  Go codes (QR codes) and a short code to a few of our food producers packaging.  2114_horse-meat-food-scare-aap-130209-b

This allowed customers to actually meet the food producer in an interesting way by video.  In short they made food packaging clickable.  It started with crab coup in Selfridges and then went on to include burgers in Waitrose, mussels in Tesco and organic sausages in various other high street outlets.

It was and still is a great success and the feedback from both producers and customers has been very positive.  By simply scanning the code or using the short code customers were taken to a mobile optimised website where they could meet the producer and watch a different video each day of the week explaining how the product was sourced and made.

An idea before its time?  Yes.  But has it’s time finally arrived?

Scan and Go is now being used right here at Coffee Cup Training to deliver our courses direct into the palm of students hands.  Take a look at what they were doing five years ago right here.

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John is a Sony Award winning journalist, presenter and producer. He has worked in traditional broadcast environments both in radio and TV. He has been involved in the internet since God was a boy or girl, depending on your point of view, and can remember when we all got excited about the fact that Netscape could blink text! He is a qualified teacher and lecturers in digital media. He has trained journalists in the BBC in media production and editing. He has worked in PR and marketing with most of the major brands. Built and won awards for on-line communication solutions. He is also a qualified Seventeenth Edition Electrical Engineer. It’s a long story... This year he became a qualified WorldHost Trainer. Now he is the MD of Coffee Cup Training. “I would like to think with my experience and ability in communication I can bring something new and exciting to the training environment”. Please feel free to comment on anything and if you have something to offer others we would like to hear from you.

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