NEWS Are QR Codes Making a Comeback in 2019?
Short answer is yes.

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First I must apologise as this is a little self indulgent

Can you believe it in 2007, that’s twelve years ago,  I registered a domain called  I spent a lot of time designing and building a tool that did the following

  • Created individual QR codes for business
  • Created a short code for every QR Code in case people did not have the scanner on their phone
  • Designed tools that let business add surveys, newsletters, audio, video and downloadable coupons plus and some other really useful functions and full tracking.

What was not to love?

  • Food producers could attach video to their products. Imagine scanning the packaging and up pops the producer to tell you all about the product
  • Tourism could use it to give visitors information. Imagine standing at a location on holiday and having someone tell you about the scene you were looking at.
  • You could attach training to everyday items. Imagine adding a certified fire awareness course to a fire extinguisher.

It worked perfectly but...

While I had good success with the above businesses and it worked well for them;  getting one producer into a major supermarket.  In the main it was a hard slog to convince people or maybe I just did not try hard enough.  Either way I abandoned the idea and went on to do other things.

I while ago I started to notice the words Scan & Go appearing in Sainsbury’s and other major supermarkets.  Today I just happened to see an article “The role of QR Codes in marketing in 2019”.   

Interestingly if you dig a little deeper what seems to have changed is that Apple added a QR Code scanner to their IOS and that seems to have reawaken the interest in the technology. 

However something’s never change.  How business uses them being one of those things.

Use a QR Code to

When I designed Scan and Go it was based on a simple principle to add value to the product or service being provided.  Here we are again in 2019 with the marking guru’s still banging out the same old stuff.

  • Link to your website
  • Send an SMS
  • Send an Email

The same old stuff that never worked first time around.

When we these people understand that shoppers are considerably savvier than they were twenty years ago.   

Marketeers need to get more creative with the content they offer. 

I am a believer in the concept of negative marketing. 

For example if I have a tin of soup in my hand I am either considering buying it or already have done.  Just sending me to a website will just waste my time and annoy me.  Show me a video of the man that made the soup telling me the story of why he does what he does and you have my attention.

Better yet have him offer me a different video each day of the week with engaging content and I will probably purchase more.  So add a shop to the QR code and you have created the perfect scenario.

Curiously this was exactly what I did twelve years ago,  and it still works today, scan the code below or click the image.

Try it for yourself. 
What day of the week is it right now?

And the moral of this story is.....

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