Topic 1. Platform Arrangement

EDB is owned and managed by Network Rail; platforms are used by a variety of train operators.

There are 20 platforms numbered 1 to 20. All platforms are connected either by means of a central footbridge, which can be accessed by a combination of stairs and lifts, or directly at ground level.

Access to platforms 6, 7, 11 and 12 plus 14 to 17 inclusive is controlled by ticket barriers: these are used almost exclusively by Scotrail services. All other platforms are open i.e. there are no ticket barriers.

Couriers should present their idenification to barrier staff, state that they wish to load/unload a freight consignment from a particular train and request access to the platform. No visible identifcation = no entry!

EDB is bounded by four roads: Waverley Bridge to the west, Princes Street to the north, Calton Road to the east and Market Street to the south. The station can be directly or indirectly accessed from all four.

The Princes Street entrance CANNOT be accessed by road.