Topic 2. Vehicle Parking

The principal parking for access to the station is NEW STREET car park. This can be accessed from Calton Road and East Market Street.

There is 40 minute free parking in this car park

From NEW STREET car park there is a pedestrian walkway through to the south side of Waverley station.

This is shown by A in the station plan diagram

The walkway through from New Street car park runs alongside platform 8.

Access to the station is via the stairs or the lift onto the central footbridge leading to all platforms

Entrances to the station are served by a combination of stairs and lifts; the entrances from Waverley Bridge (North and South ramp) are sloped.

ONLY the lifts must be used by couriers if they are carrying an item which might affect their balance on the stairs.

Likewise ONLY use the lifts if using a trolley

As always passengers have priority. When using the lifts and not attempt to push trolleys or packages into a lift if it is busy.

You should also be aware that the station can be busy with catering trolleys being moved between depot and platforms, so again be observant and careful

Once on the station either an ICRF or your own issue identification MUST be worn and be clearly visible at all times.