The loading area is in the brake van at the other end of carriage G. This vehicle is known to railway personnel as the TGS – Trailer Guard Standard.

Access to this area is via the door at the end of the carriage (next to the power car). The door is simply opened using the external handle


NB This door is not centrally locked and so two precautions are necessary:

 The door should NOT be opened until the train doors unlocked light is illuminated and:

  1. Care must be taken that the door is properly closed once loading/unloading operations are complete

The TGS serves as an area for passengers’ luggage and bicycles and from where the Train Manager can control the train door locking. There is also an emergency ladder in position.

Steel roll cages are strapped to the fixed metal cage. Consignments are to be loaded into these roll cages, the door fully closed and locked using the padlock affixed to the lock hasp.

Between the metal cage and the carriage side is a walkway through to the Train Manager’s office. NOTHING must be placed in this area: likewise NOTHING must be placed beyond the line of the cage blocking the exit doors and the door through into the power car