Last week we did a training course for a golf club. That’s right a golf club!

Not so much about training as raising awareness and just goes to show that training in a business environment can take many forms. 

It’s not every manager that would be brave enough to try something new. When times get tough two of the first budgets to be cut are often training and marketing. However that’s not a smart move. If revenue and membership is down, which it is for most clubs thanks to the recession, you can be certain that all other clubs are cutting back as well. It makes this a perfect moment to strike and take the advantage.3915648

Problem is what does a manger spend the few pounds he or she might have on?

Newspaper readership has fallen off the edge of a cliff. Radio advertising is cost prohibitive for most and I have all the music I need on my mobile devices thank you. TV is still expensive and let’s be honest how many of us watch the TV for the adverts anyway?

So what’s the answer?

You already know because you are a savvy consumer. If you are thinking of making a purchase, even a round of golf, at some point you will go online and research the item or service, compare prices and make a decision based on what you find. Why would you think others don’t do the same?

Your website is your club or businesses online shop window and the chances are that it looks just like most other shop windows and that’s a problem. The reason is simple if all the shops in the high street, well those that are left, looked just the same it makes choosing the one to go into difficult to pick. Moral of this is be brave and be different. Stand out in a crowd, but that’s a conversation for another time, back to the plot.

Successful marketing of any kind starts with knowing their customer then educate entertain and engage with them.

Most golfers have a wicked sense of humour are keen to improve their game and Churston 3want to feel valued as a club member or player. There you have it know who they are then educate entertain and engage them.

The where is your website it’s your shop window the place regular players come for information and new players check you out. Get it right and it will lead to new members wanting to be part of your club, greater member retention and thus revenue. Include data capture as part of the package and you have a real winner.

Along with the manager we came up with the idea of a training course for a golf course.

Most courses have a signature hole or three, the ones that golfers talk about.

. So we needed to show prospective players how great those holes really look, educate them on how to play them in an entertaining way that was engaging.

The result is a Golf Course Guide.

A series of three videos that give prospective players an insight, and some of the secrets of how to play those holes with an out takes video at the end made up of all the things that go wrong when you do this kind of thing in video. The data capture happened via players being required to register to view the guide.

So we ended up educating entertaining and engaging with prospective new visitors to the website and implementing data capture at the same time. We added a survey at the end so we also have customer feedback. We also used our Coffee Cup Training embedding learning solution to send those that had taken the course a video reminder one three and six months later where they were offered more of the same and a discount on a round of golf.

Finally we added the guide to every bit of print media the club had!

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