Why waste your money on training?

So why is money being wasted on training? Sending people on training courses is simple; making sure they don’t forget what they have learnt and apply it in their jobs is a tad trickier. I am not going to give you all the answers – mainly because I don’t have them – but what I am going to suggest will help to ensure your investment in learning and development translates into business results.

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How people learn

Chances are you already know but let me add a few of my own thoughts on this. Asking people to change the way they do things can make people anxious. girl and an ipad

“Why what’s wrong with what I am doing now”? “Is this some sort of test”? “Don’t they think I do a good job”? Just telling someone to attend a training course can send out all the wrong messages. Staff need support before during and after training.

When where staff learn

Formal training that’s conducted during business hours is not only time consuming but also removes that person from the day job incurring additional expense. Plus chances are they will be thinking about the backlog of work that’s building up which means they will not be 100% focused on the learning. So why not learning that fits people’s lifestyle? By which I mean available 24 7 available when and where it’s needed and in a format that people are comfortable with? Some of the most popular programmes on TV right now are cooking and gardening. Why, because people find it an entertaining way to learn. They can record the shows or stand in the kitchen with a tablet watching and learning while they try a new meal. TV educates entertains and engages – well sometimes.

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John is a Sony Award winning journalist, presenter and producer. He has worked in traditional broadcast environments both in radio and TV. He has been involved in the internet since God was a boy or girl, depending on your point of view, and can remember when we all got excited about the fact that Netscape could blink text! He is a qualified teacher and lecturers in digital media. He has trained journalists in the BBC in media production and editing. He has worked in PR and marketing with most of the major brands. Built and won awards for on-line communication solutions. He is also a qualified Seventeenth Edition Electrical Engineer. It’s a long story... This year he became a qualified WorldHost Trainer. Now he is the MD of Coffee Cup Training. “I would like to think with my experience and ability in communication I can bring something new and exciting to the training environment”. Please feel free to comment on anything and if you have something to offer others we would like to hear from you.

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