Partnership programme launching VERY soon

So what is it?

We are at the start of something that is going to change the way that people receive training.

Ask yourself:

Coffee Cup Training does all this and more.  The most popular programmes on TV are lifestyle programmes like cooking and gardening to name just two.

Why?  Because people learn things they can try themselves.

Video is a great, if not the best learning tool there is, which is why our courses are in video and delivered to the palm of your hand.

There are learning points along the way and to make certain the training sticks, we can embed that learning over a period of time with short refresher courses? Try the demo.

So what is this partnership programme?


First you need to believe in what we offer.  That will only happen if you take one of our courses so take a look at our instant demo and see what you think.  If you like what we offer the next step is to become a partner.

Do you have contacts in these industries?

Our Basic Fire Awareness and COSHH training for Cleaning Operative’s courses work for any business with more than five employees, find out why.

These types of business

And more

What we offer

We have a customer service course in production at the moment.  This will be presented by one of the best trainers in the UK,  who provides training for most of the major brands.

We are also keen to deliver just in time training and product demonstration training videos for manufacturers.  For example,  imagine being shown how to assemble a flat packed item in video.  Chances are that you wouldn’t end up with those three screws left over.  So if you know anyone in Ikea!

Training companies, yes we would like to work with you.  We realise that our courses won’t work for everyone and sometimes stand up delivery is what is needed.  Learn to fly a passenger jet in the palm of your hand really does not cut it!

Our short courses will add to your existing portfolio and you enter the exciting world of e – m learning risk free.  Plus we can add to your existing offer by embedding the training you already do and we both know how business is looking for that solution.

Public services are an area of business where we add value and cut costs.  Imagine what our courses could do for Environment Health Departments.  Instead of visiting new businesses send them a virtual training course and introduce your officers without leaving the office.

Health services imagine as we move quickly toward a care in the community environment being able to deliver information and training to employees in the field.  We are already working on such a product now, for more information please contact us.

Why work with us?

You mean apart from the fact that we have a great product, with huge growth potential, a sense of humour and a can do attitude? Typography-Inspiration-Artists-Inspire-Artists-20-610x687

In simple terms because we will help you every step of the way.  We are currently producing all the tools you will need.  Videos,  copy plus pdf’s for your website and to send to interested parties.  In fact an entire marketing suite if you will.  In return for your involvement as a partner we plan to offer a commission of up to forty percent as a way of showing how we value your help.

So what’s next?

Standby.  If you would like to know more and register your interest contact us today.  If you are feeling generous please tell your friends.

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Thank you for your interest in Coffee Cup Training

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