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All our lives are busy

That’s why food has become fast, communication like coffee is instant and smart phones and tablets are our way of keeping up to date with the world.

The world is at our fingertips…

But not when we are ill…

When we are not feeling well everything seems to slow down.  The world comes to a stop.   Why do I have to queue at the doctors reception desk to make an appointment?

I don’t know I’m going to be unwell days ahead of needing an appointment..

When I ring the doctors it’s often engaged or I get that computer voice telling me my call is important and I’m in the queue and won’t be forgotten.

When we need the doctor it can be so frustrating.  This is 2017 and we know you expect more…

I’m your name Practice Manager at Chelston Hall and we have a service that works with your busy life.

You can now contact our doctors online while having that coffee from the comfort of your armchair

Whether it’s help for your condition, general advice or administrative help you will find it here; all without the need for logins or passwords and available 24/7.

It’s a new service that we hope you will find it really useful.  If you do or for that matter don’t please take a moment and let me know and we look forward to helping you.