Why pay for training when 90% of it is wasted?


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  • Who is embedded learning for?

    Any company of any size anywhere in the world that trains staff or is a training provider who wants to add value to what they offer their clients

    Who is this course for?

    L&D and training professionals in the public and private sector.  Anyone or company who is involved in purchasing or making decisions on training.  Training companies that are looking to offer clients a better service.

  • Why embed learning?

    Research shows that 90% of what was learnt on a training day will be forgotten in only six months unless that learning is embedded.  Adding embedded learning to your own or your clients training will add a real return on the learning investment almost instantly.  Find out more

     What types of learning can you embed?

    • Pre training to raise learner’s expectations and build excitement
    • Post training.  The key points of the original learning to keep the momentum going
    • New learning modules that extend peoples knowledge or expertise
  • What will these embedded courses look like?

    Our preferred method is video either using your trainer or one of ours.  Courses can also contain audio text and graphics, animations and demonstrations with or without learning points.  How to make your training stick

    We are happy to advise based on the course you would like to provide.  We can also add social media and learning forums where learners can share their knowledge.  Over time this becomes a valuable resourse for any business.  We don’t use flash as that does not work in Apple products, something to think about if you are using it at the moment.

  • How can it be specific to my training requirements?

    In video we use green screen technology which allows us full control of the content.  For all courses we can include your content and branding.

    Take the free “How to make training stick course right now

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