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When you read this you will wonder why delivering training this way has taken so long to arrive.

Some of the most watched programmes on TV these days are lifestyle programmes – gardening and cooking, DIY.  Why?  Because people like learn new things by watching and listening.  mobile-professional-development Free CPD

So why not deliver training in the same way?

However walking around holding a 48 inch flat screen TV has its drawbacks the good news is that most people now have a TV in their pocket.

How do you squeeze a day’s training into a mobile device?

You don’t!  First you throw out registration, coffee breaks, lunch and general chit chat.  Then you take out all the other padding and turn the real meat of the training bite sized chunks of learning.  Try it for yourself right now…

What about evaluating what has been learnt?

We added learning points.  Imagine a TV programme that teaches you how to boil an egg.  It is in four separate parts.  At the end of each part you have to demonstrate what you have learnt by answering questions before you can move on to the next piece on information on how to boil your egg.  Try it and find out for yourself.

Is this like e-learning?

If by that you mean do we use power point, acres of text that has to be read and odd little cartoon people.  No!  Our courses are all in video and use real trainers and wherever possible people that have experienced what is being taught.  Take our Basic Fire Awareness Training Course.

If you have never experienced a fire how do you know what the effects can be?

Watch this short clip from our course.

Other peoples experience is a great learning tool.

Are courses certificated?

Yes.  One of the biggest annoyances for students is that they take a course and have to wait for a certificate to arrive.  survey

Complete one of our courses and download your certificate there and then.

What if people can’t complete the course in one go?

Not a problem.  Students can leave the course at anytime and come back to exactly where they left off.  All our courses are available 24 / 7 whenever and where ever suits a student’s lifestyle.

Will it work on a PC?

Yes. In fact it works on any PC, tablet and 99% of mobile devices.  In fact if you have an IPad you can even sit on your sofa and take a course on your forty eight inch flat screen TV via Apple TV!  Our training courses will actually work on a sheet of paper.  Call and we will explain how.

Can you provide a training course for my business or a product demonstration?

Yes.  Not only that we can use your staff of our presenters saving you a lot of expense and time.  The benefits can be staggering in terms of customer engagement.  Imagine not only selling a product but showing the customer exactly how to use it!  Plus being able to update the information when required.

What feedback have you had?

At the end of each course we include a short survey to get students feedback 99% of which has resulted in excellent!  People really like this way of learning as it fits their lifestyle.  Management see the benefits as well in terms of time and cost saving.
This course was really straight forward, to the point to no faff, I really do like the format (there is a good injection of humour as well).  The length is great for this level of role and the basics are covered well.

Jason Parry.  General Manager Harbour Hotels

I found the course very matter of fact with good content.  It was easy to learn as the course was broken down into tiny chunks.  I loved the whole idea of how the training was set out and that you could do it at your own pace.

Sarah.  SP Smiles.

This adds a whole new dimension to training in the retail, cruise and tourism sector.   What I really like is the fact the learning can also be embedded over a period of time.  One of the real issues for traditional training is how to make certain the training sticks.  This does the job.

Julian Reiman.  An internationally acclaimed provider of world class service training and management development.

It is fab love, love, love it!  It is the future!  Gone is our paper society and welcome to the way forward!

Nikki Boone SRH.  Programme Coordinator for Employer Engagement for Hairdressing

I have already started using this method and I think that I am going to be able to save 50% of my basic legal training costs but for me the ease of delivery and completing this training is as important as saving money.

Simon Bawden Manager Churston Golf Club
If you are interested in Training you will have questions.  As an employer have you ever thought training staff is expensive, takes up more of your time and resources than it should or wondered how you are going to keep your training updated and your business complaint

As an employee have you ever thought – I know training is important but I want to do it when its convenient for me and at a speed that where I can actually learn.  I want to know how well I have done there and then and get my certificate straight away so I can progress my career.

  • If training at a time that suits the employer and the staff sounds like a good idea?
  • If not having to travel or take time off work for training sounds like a good idea?
  • If gaining experience that benefits the employer and employee and is fun sounds like a good idea?
  • We have an idea you really should see?  Why not take our Free course How Coffee Cup training works

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