As the saying goes no one likes to be sold to, yet the only way for social media and traditional media to make money is advertising. 

Does that not strike you as a little odd?

Ask most people to explain the difference between marketing and advertising and you will get many different responses.  The other question is how relevant will advertising actually  be in an post Covid – 19 world?

In theory marketing is telling people about the service or product and advertising is getting them to buy it.  That was good way  back when but are consumers not just a little more savvy these days? 

Most of us can now zone out marketing messages and advertising online and who watches TV especially for the adverts?  That said some have a higher production value than the programmes.

This leads me to the question.

  Would any business or charity not be better off going down the education route when it comes to communication that actually engages? 

How many times have you looked at a product and thought I wonder if it actually works?

Quick example I was interested in buying a bit of camera kit.  Like most people shopped around on line and eventually ended up on a two page website that seemed to have just what I was looking for at a very good price.  It was not what I was actually looking for but seemed to do everything I wanted. 

I read the two pages and looked at all the images but was still sceptical.

  Bottom line it looked to good to be true at the price. 

Right at the bottom of the page was a video showing exactly how it worked and a couple of examples.  I went from a potential customer there and then.

The moral of this story is you can write a thousand words on how great your organisation, product or service is but seeing is believing.  

Stop selling  and start educating clients or consumers about whatever it is. 

This applies to business and charity alike and nothing does that better than video.