Free Training Course

The best way to experience Coffee Cup Training is to take our free training course

We have created a course called “How Coffee Cup Training works”.  All you need to do is register; you will have instant access, and can take it for a test drive.  The course is only about eight minutes.CCT demo web

Couple of points.  All our courses are available in E Learning, as in on a desktop PC.  However they are also available on tablets, IPads and 99% of mobile devices.  We also use Near Field communication tags and our Scan and Go solution.

If you would like to try the course on a mobile device just scan the code or use the short code url under the image on the right and give it a whirl.

If you’re mobile device does not have a scanner enter the short code url into your mobiles browser and take your pick. (no www.)

Our content is mainly video and audio so try and pick a spot where there is free WiFi.  Most coffee shops now offer this so that’s a perfect place to try Coffee Cup Training.

Any problems or a desperate desire to praise us please use the Feedback tab on the right of this page.

So get started now


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