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What we do

We are believers in mobile / online learning using short fun video features.

We can either produce them for you or show you how to make your own.  

We can host your training on our learning management system or show you how to get one of your own.

See some examples

What we offer you

Why we do it

We believe that learning does not have to fit the time allotted to it. 

How many times have you been told it’s a one day / one week course? 

Why shouldn’t you be able to learn in your own time when it suits you? 

Whe we are passionate about what we do

The business case for learning

Learning helps you

build strong relationships with your clients, volunteers and customers

Learning helps you

make your audience fall in love with your business or charity

Learning helps you

grow your business or charity it's and more cost effective than advertising

Does it work?

Ever visited YouTube to see how something is done or can be fixed?  Why tell someone when you can show them?

It works  take a look here.

Learning in the palm of your hand

Who does this work for?

Online and mobile learning reall works and here is why

The public and private sector and the voluntary sector. 

In short anyone who sees the potential.  If you have an idea drop us a line  we are always happy to listen to new ideas.

 Healthcare, food producers, law firms, logistics companies, railways,  customer service companies, other training companies.


The proof of the pudding as they say

Want to see some examples?



Take a look at some video examples here
this way

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